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At Bruceville Point, we believe that knowledge is power - the path to living life the way you choose. Here’s where you’ll have all the latest news and information at your fingertips, so that you can keep yourself and your family in the know. This is your resource for everything about senior living, so please let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover!

A look at the care options in senior living communities

A Look at the Care Options in Senior Living Communities 

Could you use a helping hand with a few daily tasks but don’t want to sacrifice your independence?  Is your loved one living with dementia and beginning to wander or […]

Dispelling the most common fears of senior living

Dispelling the Most Common Fears Seniors Have About Senior Living 

Does this sound familiar? Your parents are struggling with a few of life’s daily tasks, such as bathing safely or preparing healthy meals. You might have noticed they are becoming […]

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

Choosing the Right Senior Living Community by Determining Your Needs and Wants 

Great advice when searching for senior living? Although families might assume the decision is need-based, the best communities will support you to make a lifestyle decision instead.   Why? Because choosing […]

10 Questions to Make the right SL Decision

10 Questions to Make the Right Senior Living Decision 

A question many families try to help their parents answer is whether senior living might be the right decision to improve their quality of life.  It’s not always an easy […]

comparing the costs

Comparing the Costs of Senior Living vs. Staying at Home 

If you or a loved one is needing a hand with daily tasks or could use a little help with shopping and cooking, you may be considering your options.  Two […]

Senior Living Lifestyle

Tips for Deciding if the Senior Living Lifestyle Is What You Really Want

The day has finally arrived. You are free from many of life’s responsibilities and no longer in need of a large family home to maintain. You’re looking forward to all […]