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How memory care enriches the lives of its residents

How Memory Care Enriches the Lives of Its Residents 

The effect of dementia can be different for each family but one of the mistaken assumptions from receiving this life-changing diagnosis is that quality of life can no longer be […]

Transitioning into memory care sucessfully

Transitioning into Memory Care Successfully 

Your family has made the decision that a memory care community could provide the best home for a loved one living with dementia. You’ve chosen the specific community and a […]

A peek at a residents day in memory care

A Peek at a Resident’s Day in a Memory Care Community

Several questions arise when considering whether a memory care community is the best choice for a loved one living with dementia: Recognizing what a typical day is like for memory […]

Questions to ask to find the best memory care

Questions to Ask to Find the Best Memory Care Community for Your Loved One 

Two events often trigger a family’s search for a memory care community – discovering that quality of life is declining for a loved one, or when the care needs begin […]

When is it time for memory care

When Is It Time for Memory Care? 

When is it time for memory care? Families often wait until their loved one’s dementia has progressed, but the earlier that memory care is engaged – the higher the quality […]

What is memory care

What Is Memory Care? 

You want the best possible life – and care – for your loved one who is living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. In the early stages, individuals […]